Jumpstart your success in implementing the Beneficiary Directory and Beneficiary Directory Workbook with these special advisor training tools!

Mark Kaizerman has recorded several training classes which are now available on compact disc. Each CD is approximately 50 minutes in length and focuses on a specific aspect of the Beneficiary Directory system.

CD1: An Advisors Introduction to The Beneficiary Directory® provides you with a system overview. We introduce the concept of One File, One Location, One Call and the unique value that you, as advisors, can provide to your clients through the Beneficiary Directory. This CD also discusses the adverse
impact that missing, incomplete and outdated documents will have on your client's estate plan.

CD2: Help Your Clients Avoid The Impending Beneficiary Crisis explains how traditional estate planning techniques fall painfully short in meeting your clients' needs. This CD discusses the three goals that every client wants to achieve in case of a Life Changing Event, and the four key questions that all successful estate plans must answer (and usually don't). Finally, we discuss how the Beneficiary Directory allows you to transform individual clients into generations of clients.

CD3: How to Effectively Use The Beneficiary Directory® Workbook walks you through the Workbook, page by page, reviewing the techniques needed to provide maximum value to your clients. We discuss when and how to introduce the Beneficiary Directory in client meetings and how to use the Workbook in a seminar setting. As a extra bonus, Mark reveals several techniques not covered in the hardcover book that are critical for advisor success.

CD4: How to Use The Beneficiary Directory® to Maintain and Expand Your Client Base reviews the four key estate planning questions that the Beneficiary Directory answers. We present the importance of having and Ideal Client Profile, review how to create your Profile and introduce one critical element that must be included in your Ideal Client Profile to support your unique position as "an advisor for the generations". Finally, we review information from recent national surveys that support the consumer's need for the Beneficiary Directory.

CD5: How to Use The Beneficiary Directory® in Seminar Presentations introduces the skills and tools needed to present a dynamic seminar program. Without the need for elaborate PowerPoint slides or extensive scripting, this CD shows you how to use the Beneficiary Directory Workbook, real life examples and a series of key Discussion Points, to support your role as “an advisor for the generations”.

These CDs bring Mark Kaizerman, the creator of the Beneficiary Directory system, right into your office! Take a moment and listen to each of the following 1-minute audio clips . . .

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Order all five for $75.00 (plus $7 S&H) and save over 20%!

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