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People using the Beneficiary Directory recommend it Industry eaders endorse the Beneficiary Directory
People using the Beneficiary Directory recommend it Industry Leaders endorse the Beneficiary Directory
After hearing of difficulties people incurred in the area of document availability, we did this for the convenience of our children. As it turns out, it has proven to be a convenience to us. Everything we could ever need in the line of important documents can be quickly located.
Jim and Alyce Martin
It’s a relief to know that my loved ones will be able to find my paperwork easily if the need arises. I also appreciate knowing there’s a back-up copy of all my important paperwork for my own use.
Hannah Sukonick
Simple . . . logical . . . practical . . . functional. Why doesn’t everyone have this kind of resource? When faced with my own mortality a dozen years ago, I sought a source to help shelter my wife and children in my absence. The Beneficiary Directory
brings the financial planning process full circle.
Len Kagno
The Beneficiary Directory is such a great idea. It’s very easy to understand and follow. We feel better knowing all our important documents will be easy to find in the event that something happens. It’s something everyone needs to think about.
Richard and Lori Ebbs
We all have very busy lifestyles . . . if something happens to us, our survivors will have a difficult time getting the papers they need. The Beneficiary Directory forces everyone to get his or her life in order.
The major benefit of the Beneficiary Directory system is that once all the hard work is done . . . we can breathe a bit easier.
Walter B. Einstein
I consider the Beneficiary Directory a great gift to my family. At a time of emotional stress, the knowledge that they
have to contact only one person to learn the location of all essential papers will bring relief to them and affords me peace of mind now.
Doris Doull

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The Beneficiary Directory is indispensable.  Because it encourages the reader to name one advisor as the "point person" for all information, the book should be a popular handout for advisors to give their clients.  
Natalie B. Choate, Esq.
Author, Life and Death Planning for Retirement Benefits

This is a fabulous tool to organize and simplify your life so that you can focus on what's important to you.
Bill Bachrach, CSP
 Author, Values-Based Financial Planning:
The Art of Creating an Inspiring Financial Strategy 
"The Beneficiary Directory is a wonderful, practical organizer that will undoubtedly save a significant amount of time, aggravation, and potentially money for the families of those who use it.  An excellent, heartfelt guide from an industry leader in financial planning, Mark Kaizerman.
Richard Stram, CFP®, AAMS, CMFC
Marino, Stram & Associates
A very useful tool for both advisors
and their clients.
Harry G. Kasanow, CFP®
Kasanow & Associates
. . . Required reading for anyone concerned about the disposition of their estate. Whether you’re a skilled advisor serving your clients, or a consumer trying to put your personal affairs in order, the Beneficiary Directory will provide valuable assistance.
David J. Kaufman, CFP®, ChFC
The Beneficiary Directory solves one of the biggest issues facing individuals and advisors, namely how to organize and most effectively provide for the intergenerational transfer of information and wealth. This comprehensive yet easy-to-follow book is a must-read for all who want to simplify their lives and best provide for their loved ones.
Richard D. Sincere
President, Sincere & Co., LLC
Families are in a real mess when they don’t know where to turn after the death of a parent or spouse. It is so important to use a directory such as this and have it available at the right time. The Beneficiary Directory is complete and thoughtful.
Chris Hennessey
Faculty Director
Babson School of Executive Education

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