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Beneficiary Directory Dramatically Improves Client Fact-Finding Process, Creates Rewarding Long Term Relationships, and Preserves Continuity of Assets.

NATICK, MA – December 2004 – A broadened concept of the client fact-finding during the initial discovery process can lead to higher levels of client service, long-term relationships with clients and heirs, and continuity of assets, says Mark Kaizerman, CPA, CFP, author of the new book Beneficiary Directory: Your Personal System to Organize Your Important Documents and Guide Your Beneficiaries.

“ We are facing an impending beneficiary crisis. Most advisors dread the meetings with heirs when vital documents are missing,” says Kaizerman. The Beneficiary Directory strategy adds tremendous value to the advisor/client relationship by securing important documents and financial information in a system that makes them easily accessible to designated heirs.

“ Let’s challenge the conventional wisdom that proper estate planning is accomplished by a variety of financial products. The products provide resources but do nothing to provide emotional comfort to the families,” he said.

The Beneficiary Directory, and its companion Beneficiary Directory Workbook, allow the advisor to understand a client’s financial issues, financial holdings and estate planning inconsistencies so that steps can be taken to create a plan and correct the problems.

The Beneficiary Directory suggests that clients choose an Access Administrator, often their financial advisor, attorney, or CPA, to be the repository for copies of all of the family’s key documents in one file, in one location, accessible to the designated beneficiaries with one call to the advisor. Compare that to the disastrous meetings with a family who cannot find key documents required to claim appropriate benefits that every advisor has experienced and every advisor wants to avoid.

The directory’s discovery process pinpoints missing documents and helps identify issues such as outdated beneficiaries, unimplemented estate plans, or unexecuted wills. It encourages families to find birth, marriage, service discharge certificates, and other documents, before they become a serious issue in settling an estate.

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