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"The Impending Beneficiary Disaster"

Mark Kaizerman, Kaizerman & Associates,, or 508-647-0830 x 13, is accessible to discuss the Impending Beneficiary Disaster. He believes that as the Boomer cadre ages and dies, that the financial planning industry will be slammed with problems from incomplete estate planning and disgruntled beneficiaries. It is not enough, he believes, for advisors to feel that they have managed risk for a family through the sale of products. Products provide resources but do not offer emotional comfort. Control of vital documents, available in one file, in one location, and accessible by the beneficiaries with one call provides the support families need in times of crisis.

Kaizerman’s strategy is outlined in his new book Beneficiary Directory: Your Personal System to Organize Your Important Documents and Guide Your Beneficiaries.

He is an excellent resource on the suggested story ideas below:

  • How to Avoid the Impending Beneficiary Crisis
  • Top Five Reasons Why Most Estate Plans are Incomplete.
  • What Your Will Won’t Do.
  • The Beneficiary Directory is the Missing Link in a Complete Financial Plan.
  • Focus on Accessing Important Documents is First Step in Long Term, Mutually Rewarding Client Relationships.
  • The Access Administrator Concept: A Simple Strategy for Connecting with Heirs.
  • Why Parents Should Introduce Their Children to their Professional Advisors.
  • Three Ingredients for Successful Financial Planning: a Thorough Discovery Process, an Inventory of Dreams, and Fulfilling Legacy Desires.
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